Reality Hits When I Hide My Smile

In life I feel you are given challenges for a reason. I understand that we are given certain situations to deal with and there are reasons for it all. I have been given advantages and disadvantages just like everyone else. Although, I feel a certain aspect of my appearance causes many people to unknowingly judge me. The topic here is hard for me to discuss but it has taught me not to judge others in any way, shape or form-as you just don’t know. 

At 33 years of age I lost all my upper teeth and a great portion of my bottom teeth. I went though extensive oral surgery for months slowly removing 26 teeth. The process was very painful and was very sad to me to have to do. I have had many dentures made for me however, could never wear them. I never quite understood why. It took almost ten years before a wonderful dentist explained part of the problem why I could not wear the dentures being made for me. A big reason was because I have a torus on the roof of my mouth. Now the funny thing is that I assumed everyone had this. It’s a bump on the roof of your mouth. I know your all reaching up there now with your tongues, unless your already aware of this fact within your mouth. Anyway, they come in sizes too-just like clothing. There is small, medium which I have and of course, large. Thus, this is the reason for me walking around most of the time without dentures as I cannot wear them. I will eventually get implanted teeth and a partial which will not conflict with my dam* torus.  

The point of my topic here is not really to tell my story. Although, it’s been brutal not having all my teeth. I do eat anything with use of my remaining bottom ones. So, as I was saying the point is that I get judged every day from people who do not understand why I have no teeth and don’t have dentures in. It’s not because I don’t care or can’t afford them as I may not ever be able to wear anything. However, I constantly get judged, frowned upon and all that bad stuff for this. I also have a small deformity to my lips on the sides from not being able to wear them. It’s not so noticeable with my use of make-up though. 

The funny part of this story would be for years I tried to keep my dentures in while dating men. I felt like I was going to lose my stomach the whole time. Then on my way to a “first date” with my husband I kept trying to keep my dentures in and it was just not happening. I even proceeded past his house to try to get a hold of myself and get them in my mouth. I gave up and said what will be will be. I arrived at his house, no teeth in and said sorry I couldn’t keep them in. He laughed gave me a hug and said it’s okay. We joked about it years later and he said I didn’t know they’d never be in but I love you no matter what. It turned out that this was the man for me and his mother never wore her dentures either. So, this didn’t have any bearing on our relationship at all:) All those years of worrying about this with men and then in one swift second life goes on with the man of my dreams-Oh and no teeth……

So, I’m putting myself out here and just saying that I wish more people knew how not to judge others. Because in life there are many reasons why something may be the way it is and not actually what you think it is. Take heed and please don’t judge a person by their cover. I had to say it…I’m an author!!


Article Written By Chrissy Smith. Photo Found on Google!

Blogs – The Cyber Melting Pot


As I broaden my horizons within the blogs on the internet, I realize how diverse blogs are. I often try to compare them to mine and thus, realizing no blog that I’ve found is the same as any other one. They are differing in many, many ways. The styles of writing, the pictures and the look, feel or overall themes of the blog. We are “The Cyber Melting Pot” of blogs. And that’s a truly great place to be. 

It’s hard not to question your own blog while searching through all the other ones. You start to question what you’re doing within our own blog. This should definitely not be the case, as we are all unique in our own ways. However, it’s hard not to do. It’s best to realize you are unique in what you do and leave it at that. 

I recently was looking at another author’s blog and thought “Wow, this is good”. Her writing style was crisp, to the point and fascinating to read. But I found her pictures just as good and wondered how she did them. I am not that computer savvy with pictures. She put one picture of herself within the pictures and truly made the posting her own. 

We are one in many millions in our melting pot of blogs. What we do throughout our postings within our blog is uniquely ours. I tend to like to speak to the reader in “laymen’s terms” while others use the fancy elaborate words to capture their audience. Thus,It’s truly each to his own on here and that’s just fine. I find the differences in writing, styles and themes makes the reading more captivating to all of us.

What makes a blog unique? Is it the “theme”, the “writing” or the “pictures” per say? I think all blogs are unique and it’s because of all ideas being brought to the forefront. It’s capturing all of it all at once. I’ve found not one blog to be the same as another, even if the same niche is approached. They are all truly one-of-a-kind and that’s a good thing.

Blogs are done for numerous reasons. I like to think that a lot of people do them for the pure enjoyment aspect of  it all. However, some people do them to promote things or to get their name out there. But if there is no joy in doing them…then why partake in doing them?

So, we are just one in many, many millions of bloggers doing our own thing within our blog. We must understand that what we do is uniquely ours which makes us different from any other blog or blogger.  And that’s what makes it truly special to do what we do!


Article & Top Photo By Chrissy Smith. Other Photos Found on Google.

A Twist of Fate-Six Lug Nuts Later


Often in the daily bustle of life we tend to forget how precious it is to us. In one swift second life can be taken away from us. With the untimely recent passing of my Uncle, I yet again am reminded of how we take “life” for granted. We go about our business day-to-day and never stop to think how things can change for us, our loved ones and others in a quick instance. 

I received a reality check about a week or so ago. I have to say I don’t have any enemies or that I knew of. I am going through some messy life changes involving my family but not sure who or whom had the gull to do to me what was done. It’s ironic that in an instance things as you know them to be can be forever changed. 

I woke up that day last week as I always do. It seemed like normalcy in my life however, it was going to be a different kind of day which would make me see the cruelty and the lengths people go to. A serious crime could have happened although, a twist of fate, luck perhaps would come about and change what could have been a serious accident or perhaps death for myself or my daughter.

I feel like I’m making a big deal out of what was a smaller incident. But after further thought of the incident I realized something much, much worse could have happened. I left my house to run your every day errands. Nothing out of the ordinary but as I was driving on the main drag so to speak, to the neighboring town my SUV started to make a loud noise. It was coming from the driver’s side front tire. I pulled over on the opposite side of the road on a turn-around spot. I was checking under the car, the axle, the tire, etc. for something loosing that was making the knocking sound. But I saw nothing. The first strange event was my daughter just happening to go by with one of her friends and stopping to see what was wrong with my car. The chances of us passing each other at that time was a mere coincidence all in itself. I got a ride from my daughter and her friend to where I needed to go. 

Anyway, we come back to my vehicle and my daughter decides she will drive it while I proceed to follow her. We plan on getting it back to my house. We are doing at least 55 mph on the main road and then proceed to the back roads at a slower pace. We are not far from my house when the tire comes off the vehicle. Luckily, we are passing tree workers and our speed is only less than 25 mph when this happens. Long story short the workers actually go and buy parts needed to fix the car. I try to offer them money and they refuse. It turns out that six lug nuts had been loosened on my driver’s side tire. Now I have no idea who would do such a thing and at first, it did not strike me funny. However, as the night went on I quickly realized that these were four new tires put on just a few months ago. Thus, there was no way all six lug nuts could or would loosen all at the same time. I also started to think of the sad realty if the tire came loose on the main road going 55 mph. I do believe in that case one of us may have gone through the windshield, if the tire had come off at that speed.

I find myself and my daughter lucky. I feel a “twist of fate” type of thing happened here. It was like some divine intervention how it all happened. But on the flip side of the coin to think that someone wanted to hurt or kill me and would go to these lengths to do so is extremely unsettling of course. It makes you wonder what the world is coming to! Thankfully, it all worked out. 


Article & First Photo BY Chrissy Smith. Other Photos Found on Google. 

Unshackled from the “Shackles of Life”!


I wrote a nicely written piece this morning for this blog. It’s title was “Crap on Whole Wheat…Hold the Mud Slinging Please” but was undecided whether to publish or not. I find that if you are hesitant to publish something that it’s probably best not to do so. This post was of the personal nature of numerous family issues I am having. It was not bashing but rather getting thoughts off my chest. However, after more consideration I decided that this site and the internet are really not a good place to exhibit our personal lives to this degree. Hey, you learn something new every day:)

I am going through many life changes at the moment which greatly affect my relationship with my family. I have always had my family on my side throughout life, so I thought. But I never realized just how controlled I was until recently.  I was basically told how to live, what to drive and even where to live. I did go against their feelings on many things when it came to relationships but was still “controlled” in many, many ways. I feel that with the recent events still going on in my  life, I have become stronger. I am a very timid person who has dealt with a life of people taking advantage of that trait. People have tended to think they could walk all over me and get whatever it was they were searching for. It’s just not the case anymore. 

With the issues I’m now struggling with in life I feel I have now broken my “shackles in life” and have become “Unshackled”. By unshackled I mean free from the chains and constrictions my family has thrown at me in life. It’s a different kind of feeling of freedom. They no longer control my actions. I have and am still becoming a stronger person for what I am going through. No one should feel tied down, controlled or shackled within their lives. It’s a great feeling of helplessness, a feeling that no one believes in you or thinks you can handle things on your own. A controlling force in your life is not necessary. It actually feels as though you are insignificant and others feel you are not capable of making the right decisions on your own. It’s actually very demeaning. It belittles you and makes you feel like you are a lesser person than the controller in your life. 

While writing the other post I realized I was not thinking in the right direction. People can post personal things but should be very careful about what it is they are posting. Once on the internet-always on the internet! If it just doesn’t feel right than you should heed your initial reaction to it. I feel family and friends are impacted by what we post. And some things should always remain private. You should not display your whole life out there for the world to read about.  If it’s too personal than it should be left on the back burner. I guess my pet-peeve would be posting a lot about children, as they have no say in the matter. However, could or would read about it later on in life. I think it should be a person’s own choice to post about themselves and not be up to the parent or others to do so for them. Although, my post “Crap on Whole Wheat…Hold the Mud Slinging Please” was done tastefully something just didn’t seem right in posting it. When posting go with your instincts because as we all know, our first instinct is usually the right one!


Article & Photo By Chrissy Smith


“Yogurt For Brains?!?”


Although, I haven’t been here in awhile to write a post…I have been checking in now and then. I have been busy with lots of life changes however, have missed posting and delighting myself with all of your posts. I’m not sure for my whole reasoning as yet to come back and post though. I’m sure that will come in time. My overwhelming personal life has left me with little time. I enjoy it here however, this is more of a venting type of post i’m sure. 

I feel I will be soon updating this site. I like the look and feel of the site but may do a name change possibly tweek it a bit on the tone of it. I want to spread my horizons more and not be too confined to the “author/book” type of niche. I have gone back to brunette from my blonde look here. It’s much easier but basically after twenty years of dying it…yup you got it, it had had it with me and was falling out big time! So, dyed it “Moroccan Brown” and waited for it to grow. It’s now my regular I like to say dirty blonde but more on the light brown side, as well. So, I will have to update photos, etc. when the time comes here. I’m not really in a rush just taking it one post at a time and see where it all leads from here on in. Basically, bear or is it bare well either or just do that for me-Bear with me as I figure it all out here again:)

My world came crashing down as my family falls downward spiraling into destruction of what would normally be called a “family unit”. We are no longer much of what you’d call a unit so to speak. I don’t like to vent or spread my personal life but feel it may be cathartic for me. I’m not sure however what I plan on accomplishing. I just often feel that their are just not families that act and do the things mine do. I feel I am the only one who is well, i’ll give myself above average in sanity:) 

I find things crumbling down before me with no real end in sight. I know, I know you are wondering where the “Yogurt For Brains” comes into the picture here. I will get to that one here for you. I was recently  heard “through the family grapevine” as yes, most in my family are true hard core gossipers that I must have yes, “Yogurt For Brains”! Now i’m wondering if mush for brains, crap for brains or even no brains would have bothered me less. But this so-called comment intrigued me to the point of labeling my first post back here with it. Now trust you this is someone I grew-up with who cared for me that said this. It was someone you’d never expect to turn on you. We will leave it at that.  However, my MOTHER once told me “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you!” So, maybe I should place that in my memory bank of yogurt to remember huh?


I was planning doing my venting which would lead us to my venting and then who knows? I think i’ve decided to take the higher road and just say times here are in the upmost highest mode for me. Maybe I can take a new direction post some posts to take my mind off of things for a while. However, just a note to the wise I have never had “Yogurt For Brains” although, I do love Oikos Greek Yogurt every morning for breakfast. Hey, maybe that’s where she got the idea?

Article written by Chrissy Smith. Photos found on Google.


Late “INK” Edition – Capture Me in Four Paragraphs or Less…This is How I Roll These Days:)

Late %22INK%22 Edition-

I’m use to get “silent” flack here I’m sure. I may not hear you disagreeing, complaining or being disgusted by something that I may have written and wondering why I even tackled that topic. I do not hear you but I feel some of you and you know what that is okay. I am not here to please all and I wish I could but none of us can. SO, I am here to do what makes me happy and that’s writing. Like I have said before I go with the flow and yes, stray away a lot from my so-called “Niche”. I’m way too diverse to keep to one subject and although, it may interest all of you…I cannot and will not ever just write about books.

I know, I know I hear it coming through the silent sound waves here “You are writer, how could you not enjoy writing about your niche?” Well, I’m sorry I could never be like those who constantly critique books, write about all stuff “books” or only discuss topics related to them. That is fine for me but I get restless and want to do more. I know I should not say this but point-blank writing critiques and only about books bores me. Books don’t bore me and writing books doesn’t bore me but constantly talking about them does. Yup, I’m guessing you find that “abbynormal” we call it here. My husband says he is abbynormal at times. I am well aware it’s not a word-again another made-up word from this “Chrissy Smith” that should know better. But this Chrissy Smith really has to not care so much what others think. I understand that is being selfish. But if you knew me you’d know I cared so much, worried all the time and it will eat you alive. If you knew me you’d say “Wow, it took her a long time to overcome things and not worry so much about what others think of her. Good for her!”. So, I’m not lacking that gene or anything about caring about others but I cannot live my life worrying over how others feel about me. That was for my youth and now I have grown a lot while overcoming lots of stressful obstacles to get here. I am proud of who I am now and what I have become. I believe that’s how everyone should feel. You should love yourself and who you are first THAN worry about others…lol:) Sounds selfish but it’s not being selfish at all. If you don’t love yourself then how on earth can you express or feel love for anybody else? It’s in the holy bible I’m thinking-Yup, I have my version of that too:)

Honestly, I do know how I go on tangents, off topics which should be revealed in my titles-I know you are probably all saying “Get to the point!!” Well, the point of my topic here is that I have decided something and like I said I can feel the flack on this one. But I would love to read all the books I can before that unfortunate day when I….well, let’s not go there but that day hopefully I will visit an awesome place and not somewhere where the heat is unbearable:) So, in order to get through books faster and junk or set aside for others the books that I am not interested in…… I’ve decided a new method to my madness, of course. I will and cannot get through all the books but I can get through a lot more by not reading the ones that in the end I will not have enjoyed much.

I know my method or theory will probably work for me (not for all though) but I will never know truly for sure about it. But I have decided that if by paragraph three or four the most I’m not captured into this book or enjoy the way the writer writes than I will set it aside for others to enjoy. I figure if you have not got me by those first few paragraphs and your writing is not my cup of tea (how you write-as we all have our own style, etc.) then I will move on. If I am enjoying I go a page or two, even a chapter or more. BUT with in the first few paragraphs usually even by the second one-I do know pretty much if I will enjoy this book or not. You must capture my attention quickly or I get bored. It’s just the way I’m programmed and usually I have given books many chapters to so-called captured my attention but now there is so much I’d like to give a chance to and read that I have developed this way of dealing with it. I’m really not like others and have no patience when it comes to books. Yes, in my younger days I gave them more of a chance but now with everyday life I just don’t have that much time to do so. If I’m going to read a book I don’t want to finish it and be let down by it. I’m probably not being fair but when writing a book the first chapter is your most important one and its meant to catch that reader’s attention. I’m sure if you don’t capture within the first few at the most, than they probably won’t be reading on. I know I would not do so. But hey, that’s just me and as always, take it with a grain of salt coming from this peanut gallery!

Article & Top Photo By Chrissy Smith. 

Morning “INK” Edition – The Books of Yesterday VS. The Books of Today


Can the books of today compete with the old classics of books of yesterday aka the past? It’s hard for me to think that the today’s books can in any way, shape or form compete with all the awesome books of the yesterday. I haven’t seen any that spark enough within me to compete with the classics. I guess I’m prejudice against the books of today or something! I don’t like to think I’m prejudice against anything but thinking this kind of it may be okay:)

I know that the classics are the classics for a reason. I know that they have gotten so much exposure over the years, that it may be hard to compete with them. Although, you have to admit they are what they are for a reason. The problem I do see is that they are a matter of taste, as well. What one may like or interests them…on the other hand may be of no interest to another. There will be debates throughout time about books and which ones are the best. But it is truly all our own opinion on the matter and no one person can say “This is the one!”. Because to others it is not the one. So, even if it is a classic it may not and will not appeal to all.

I do have my favorites like we all do. I will not list them here though. I want you to keep your own opinions as we all have them. I do know what they consider one of the best-written books ever. I will hopefully be getting through this book shortly. I keep this in mind while reading it but I cannot for the life fathom that there is only one truly best-written books out there. It’s very hard for me to believe with such great talent in the past and present.

What comes to mind with the books of yesterday is the fact that they did not have the technology of today. They worked differently than US Authors of today:) They had no computers, spell-check or reference books within the computer and such. They were there with pen to paper and it probably took a very long time to write a book-much more so than today, of course. So, these books are truer in nature of how it was supposed to be without the technology. This makes it much more brilliant to me, if you can understand what I’m saying. I never really took a look at this or thought much about it until now. But if you think of the work involved for authors today, you can just imagine without the technology what these people went through. I broke three bones in my wrist when thrown from my horse at age 12. I would not have been able to write books without today’s technology. I get shooting pain still to this day when I write more than a half page of information. So, I would not have been able to put pen to paper to write a book. I needed todays technology of fingers to keys. So, the great world of books would have not known this “Chrissy Smith”!!:)