Blogs – The Cyber Melting Pot


As I broaden my horizons within the blogs on the internet, I realize how diverse blogs are. I often try to compare them to mine and thus, realizing no blog that I’ve found is the same as any other one. They are differing in many, many ways. The styles of writing, the pictures and the look, feel or overall themes of the blog. We are “The Cyber Melting Pot” of blogs. And that’s a truly great place to be. 

It’s hard not to question your own blog while searching through all the other ones. You start to question what you’re doing within our own blog. This should definitely not be the case, as we are all unique in our own ways. However, it’s hard not to do. It’s best to realize you are unique in what you do and leave it at that. 

I recently was looking at another author’s blog and thought “Wow, this is good”. Her writing style was crisp, to the point and fascinating to read. But I found her pictures just as good and wondered how she did them. I am not that computer savvy with pictures. She put one picture of herself within the pictures and truly made the posting her own. 

We are one in many millions in our melting pot of blogs. What we do throughout our postings within our blog is uniquely ours. I tend to like to speak to the reader in “laymen’s terms” while others use the fancy elaborate words to capture their audience. Thus,It’s truly each to his own on here and that’s just fine. I find the differences in writing, styles and themes makes the reading more captivating to all of us.

What makes a blog unique? Is it the “theme”, the “writing” or the “pictures” per say? I think all blogs are unique and it’s because of all ideas being brought to the forefront. It’s capturing all of it all at once. I’ve found not one blog to be the same as another, even if the same niche is approached. They are all truly one-of-a-kind and that’s a good thing.

Blogs are done for numerous reasons. I like to think that a lot of people do them for the pure enjoyment aspect of  it all. However, some people do them to promote things or to get their name out there. But if there is no joy in doing them…then why partake in doing them?

So, we are just one in many, many millions of bloggers doing our own thing within our blog. We must understand that what we do is uniquely ours which makes us different from any other blog or blogger.  And that’s what makes it truly special to do what we do!


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Late “INK” Edition – Capture Me in a Paragraph or Less!

Late %22INK%22 Edition-

I’m use to get “silent” flack here I’m sure. I may not hear you disagreeing, complaining or being disgusted by something that I may have written and wondering why I even tackled that topic. I do not hear you but I feel some of you and you know what that is okay. I am not here to please all and I wish I could but none of us can. SO, I am here to do what makes me happy and that’s writing. Like I have said before I go with the flow and yes, stray away a lot from my so-called “Niche”. I’m way too diverse to keep to one subject and although, it may interest all of you…I cannot and will not ever just write about books.

I know, I know I hear it coming through the silent sound waves here “You are writer, how could you not enjoy writing about your niche?” Well, I’m sorry I could never be like those who constantly critique books, write about all stuff “books” or only discuss topics related to them. That is fine for me but I get restless and want to do more. I know I should not say this but point-blank writing critiques and only about books bores me. Books don’t bore me and writing books doesn’t bore me but constantly talking about them does. Yup, I’m guessing you find that “abbynormal” we call it here. My husband says he is abbynormal at times. I am well aware it’s not a word-again another made-up word from this “Chrissy Smith” that should know better. But this Chrissy Smith really has to not care so much what others think. I understand that is being selfish. But if you knew me you’d know I cared so much, worried all the time and it will eat you alive. If you knew me you’d say “Wow, it took her a long time to overcome things and not worry so much about what others think of her. Good for her!”. So, I’m not lacking that gene or anything about caring about others but I cannot live my life worrying over how others feel about me. That was for my youth and now I have grown a lot while overcoming lots of stressful obstacles to get here. I am proud of who I am now and what I have become. I believe that’s how everyone should feel. You should love yourself and who you are first THAN worry about others…lol:) Sounds selfish but it’s not being selfish at all. If you don’t love yourself then how on earth can you express or feel love for anybody else? It’s in the holy bible I’m thinking-Yup, I have my version of that too:)

Honestly, I do know how I go on tangents, off topics which should be revealed in my titles-I know you are probably all saying “Get to the point!!” Well, the point of my topic here is that I have decided something and like I said I can feel the flack on this one. But I would love to read all the books I can before that unfortunate day when I….well, let’s not go there but that day hopefully I will visit an awesome place and not somewhere where the heat is unbearable:) So, in order to get through books faster and junk or set aside for others the books that I am not interested in…… I’ve decided a new method to my madness, of course. I will and cannot get through all the books but I can get through a lot more by not reading the ones that in the end I will not have enjoyed much.

I know my method or theory will probably work for me (not for all though) but I will never know truly for sure about it. But I have decided that if by paragraph three or four the most I’m not captured into this book or enjoy the way the writer writes than I will set it aside for others to enjoy. I figure if you have not got me by those first few paragraphs and your writing is not my cup of tea (how you write-as we all have our own style, etc.) then I will move on. If I am enjoying I go a page or two, even a chapter or more. BUT with in the first few paragraphs usually even by the second one-I do know pretty much if I will enjoy this book or not. You must capture my attention quickly or I get bored. It’s just the way I’m programmed and usually I have given books many chapters to so-called captured my attention but now there is so much I’d like to give a chance to and read that I have developed this way of dealing with it. I’m really not like others and have no patience when it comes to books. Yes, in my younger days I gave them more of a chance but now with everyday life I just don’t have that much time to do so. If I’m going to read a book I don’t want to finish it and be let down by it. I’m probably not being fair but when writing a book the first chapter is your most important one and its meant to catch that reader’s attention. I’m sure if you don’t capture within the first few at the most, than they probably won’t be reading on. I know I would not do so. But hey, that’s just me and as always, take it with a grain of salt coming from this peanut gallery!

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Morning “INK” Edition – The Books of Yesterday VS. The Books of Today


Can the books of today compete with the old classics of books of yesterday aka the past? It’s hard for me to think that the today’s books can in any way, shape or form compete with all the awesome books of the yesterday. I haven’t seen any that spark enough within me to compete with the classics. I guess I’m prejudice against the books of today or something! I don’t like to think I’m prejudice against anything but thinking this kind of it may be okay:)

I know that the classics are the classics for a reason. I know that they have gotten so much exposure over the years, that it may be hard to compete with them. Although, you have to admit they are what they are for a reason. The problem I do see is that they are a matter of taste, as well. What one may like or interests them…on the other hand may be of no interest to another. There will be debates throughout time about books and which ones are the best. But it is truly all our own opinion on the matter and no one person can say “This is the one!”. Because to others it is not the one. So, even if it is a classic it may not and will not appeal to all.

I do have my favorites like we all do. I will not list them here though. I want you to keep your own opinions as we all have them. I do know what they consider one of the best-written books ever. I will hopefully be getting through this book shortly. I keep this in mind while reading it but I cannot for the life fathom that there is only one truly best-written books out there. It’s very hard for me to believe with such great talent in the past and present.

What comes to mind with the books of yesterday is the fact that they did not have the technology of today. They worked differently than US Authors of today:) They had no computers, spell-check or reference books within the computer and such. They were there with pen to paper and it probably took a very long time to write a book-much more so than today, of course. So, these books are truer in nature of how it was supposed to be without the technology. This makes it much more brilliant to me, if you can understand what I’m saying. I never really took a look at this or thought much about it until now. But if you think of the work involved for authors today, you can just imagine without the technology what these people went through. I broke three bones in my wrist when thrown from my horse at age 12. I would not have been able to write books without today’s technology. I get shooting pain still to this day when I write more than a half page of information. So, I would not have been able to put pen to paper to write a book. I needed todays technology of fingers to keys. So, the great world of books would have not known this “Chrissy Smith”!!:)



Morning “INK” Edition – In Hand Books Will Always Exist BUT…More & More Turn Now to the Cheaper e-books:(


The older generations seem to be trying to keep up with the times nowadays. There are some who choose not to do the computer type of thing but most are plugging away on the computers. You can find the older senior citizens on Facebook and other social medias just like the rest of us whom are younger in age. I do though feel that even as I’m in my forties that the older generation would agree that the best way to read a book is through age-old way of having a book in hand. I know, times have changed and there are e-books out there for us to be enlightened by. I get this and totally understand it but it’s not quite the same as seeing the cover of that new book and opening it up to that first page. It doesn’t feel or seem the same to me to just look at our ebooks on a screen.

Now we know times are tough and the prices of the ebooks are ridiculously cheap now. I mean you can get a whole long novel for .99 cents. It’s sad because regular paperback and hardcover books cost so much more. Plus, everyone is putting their ebooks on sale to increase their profits. The regular type of books can not survive except for those who truly appreciate the old standard ideas and concepts of having that book in our hands. Sure I get its easier to use the e-book on-the-run so to speak. But do we really want to make those good old book obsolete? I know they will never not exist but because of the financial state of our times…more and more are going to the ebooks. I just wish some could recognize the importance of the book in hand theory we will call it!

I use both but do still love having the book in hand version. I’m just hoping others feel this way too. It is old-school and I of course get this but we must not forget these types of books or how they changed our lives from day 1. We must try to indulge in them as much as possible without forgetting the importance of them. We must put these books in our kids hands and not just fill them up with ebooks, as well. Keep these books in our hands so, our hearts will flourish with the old times. The way things use to be is sometimes more important than our new technology. Please stand-up for the rights of our book in hands:)

SO, what is your theory on this topic? Do you feel we’re better with the e-books now or should we still keep on buying the higher priced in hand versions?

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Morning “INK” Edition – Books Can be a Hit OR a Miss…BUT for Those Who Create Them They are an Grandiose Accomplishment!


It cannot be denied that many people have some great ideas for wonderful books. Although, some are only out to make a buck. This is an unfortunate thing but just par for the course for some. I don’t believe a book should be written solely for the purpose of making money. I think it should be written because you have a story to tell, help to give or an idea to express and not for any other reasons. I believe we all have a story to tell or something of interest to share but we should not all be writing books! That’s just the facts here from my perspective.

I don’t think a book should just be slapped together and called a book. I believe it should be a creation of a person’s own mind-a true gift to share with others. It should contain thoughts from your perspective with a creative nature of your own. It should not be for purely self-satisfying needs of making money. Sure we may need money and want money-whatever but that is no reason to justifying writing a crap-filled book with no thought about what you are putting out there to the public. The reader of books is not a stupid mind. They won’t buy what you’re selling just because your selling it. If it’s from the heart and driven by your own imagination well, then it will mean so much more to that reader. No one wants to buy a book that is garbage and from a non-caring perspective. We are real-readers, writers etc… we are not stupid and we can see through the display of crap in books out there. Unfortunately, with the internet today any Joe or Jane can write a book and sell it. We have no filters for some of the nonsense that is out there. This is an unfortunate thing but I think we all have the smarts to decipher it all. It’s just a sad thing that nowadays people can get away with it and we have to deal with it. We shouldn’t have to is all I’m saying.

When writing a book please remember it’s for the love of writing, creating and taking the time to nurture the essence of that book. Take your time to make it right and take the reader on a trip through your mind! Don’t write a book if you don’t love to write. Sure we have writer’s blocks and other things along the way that might seem discouraging to us but in the end we love the art of it. So, please love what you do with your creating of a book and if you don’t love than please don’t burden the rest of us with what you are trying to sell to us. We don’t want it-we want what’s real, what’s natural and what is a true creation from a true writer. Of course, one who loves writing and thrives on it!

A book is our grandiose accomplishment and we should all be proud to even have written one book. No doubt most of us have written more but even just one is a great accomplishment in one’s life. That should not be taken lightly. But if you wrote it for the wrong reasons…it was not that hard to do and probably means little to you. If you love to write and put your whole self into than you understand where I am coming from. Finishing up your first book…on that last page is not like many feelings that you feel in life. It’s hard to explain but it is an awesome feeling. I hope all who deserve to feel that feeling do so and then you will truly know what it means to be called a “WRITER”:) As always, enjoy your day WordPress Crew!!

So, what is all of your take on this topic? Do you believe too that there are lots of books out there, that should not be on the market now? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this type of thing in the future? I don’t believe so but what do you think?

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Morning “INK” Edition – When it Comes to Writing Books…You Can’t Please Everyone All the Time!


Did you ever wonder what makes a great book so “Great!”? It’s funny to hear about classics and the ultimates in great books. I find this amusing because it’s all really a matter of opinion. You can call a book great but it’s not going to be great to everyone. Books are a matter of taste. They exist because we bring them to light to exist as writers. Although, we are all not going to like all the so-called classics and great books out there. We are all not the same and even if a book may be written well…its not always going to be to our liking. Sure they can consider books “classics” and most of us can’t deny the reasons for which they are classics. However, they are not all going to be our cup of tea. It’s like I always say you cannot please everyone all the time or ever. That is just not possible to do. I wish it was but it is not and your really not thinking realistically if you think you can please them all. When writing a book well, sure some will like it but not all will like. Of course, some may even love it but you are never going to satisfy the needs, wants or desires of everyone within your book writing. And that’s no matter how creative or talented you are. This is just a fact of life in the world of the writer-successful or not. You write hopefully for the pure love of it and if something becomes a big splash well then, it was meant to be but you keep your expectations within reasons. When the rewards come in then you will be even more delighted with them. I keep my expectations realistic and then bask in the glory if or when it happens. I know I should keep my expectations higher in some people’s eyes while reaching for the stars but I’m more of a realist I guess and this is just how I am. It gives me less of a heartache if things don’t go my way. I stay positive but in a more down to earth type of way, which works for me.



So, when writing a book keep your expectations in check, be realistic and think outside-the-box with the content of your book. Don’t worry so much about the outcome and if you’re in it for the money…well, better going searching for a new way to make it. This is not an easy arena to be in and it’s not for the meek. Keep your head up and your heart in it but please by all means do it for the love of it, if not for any other reasons. It can’t be real if for any other reasons. Many out there are just out for the bucks but in this world of the writer……..most are barking up the wrong tree, as this is not that type of field. It can be lucrative with the right help I’m not saying it can not. But most readers will see through your books if you are not producing them out of a love for them. If you are just producing book after book in a quick manner with no creative nature to them just to get books out there…i’m thinking they will not go far. But that’s just my opinion so, take it with a grain of salt:) I think the truer type of writer is that of a more natural talent in which there is a great love for writing and it’s not all about the money or making it. Writers are a rare breed and only the great creative talents with this characteristic of love of writing books will survive in the end!! Enjoy your day WordPress Crew:)

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Morning “INK” Edition – Is Breaking the Bank the Way to go with Publishing Your Book?


Is it worth breaking the bank to pay for your book to be published or are there ways around this? We all must ask ourselves this question. It’s nice to be able to afford book publishing costs. The costs of publishing comes with also keeping in mind that we need editing done, as well. Although, most of us cannot afford these costs. Well, I know I couldn’t at least. I wish I could but the publishing companies that accepted my book-there were a few and good ones to boot…BUT I could not afford their outrageous costs. This is even when they came down lower it was well beyond my means, at this point and time. I am not paying as much as I could pay for a newer used car to publish a book. That’s just not in the cards for me. I do feel if a book is a great one or has potential than the publisher would be making money so, why should I have to pay so much to have it published? I just don’t get that this is the way they want to make their money by taking it out of our hides. This makes little to no sense to me however, this is now the world we live in.

I do feel that there are so many resources out there in today’s society. With that being said, if you want to publish your own book and its a good one…then, perhaps it will get the exposure it needs to thrive. It just seems to me that it is sad that so many people’s great books, do go by the waste side because they lacked the funds to do a traditional form of publishing. This is done through a publisher who accepts your book. Most require high fees to do this for you. I don’t believe in these fees no matter what and will not pay them. It’s not even a guarantee that your book will sell and you will make that money back. Its nothing set in stone and nothing is concrete with this method. I do however believe you can self-publish and hopefully market while promoting your book enough to your satisfaction. This will possibly give you enough exposure to get your book out there in the public eye. You will have a lot of work ahead of you but in the end the rewards will be there. You must not give in or give up and keep plugging away at the promotions of your book through social media, etc to gain that exposure though. It’s a rough world and one not to be taken lightly but it’s definitely worth your effort. It’s a game of time and persistence but with that you should succeed. Good Luck to You!!

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