Morning “INK” Edition – Earn Money Through Writing



I was roaming around on the internet this morning like everyone else and found this article. I was amazed by all the great sites to write for. I thought this might be useful to others in this writing arena so, I just wanted to post it. Some of the sites no longer exist but a good group of them do. There are 101 sites to choose from and something for anyone who writes. I recognized some of the sites and you probably will too. But on the other hand, there were lots of sites I never heard of. I have been spending time checking them out and weeding out the good ones. I do believe it’s a must-see to look over if interested in some extra cash in your pocket. Also, please check out I use this site to pick up some quick easy cash. On this site you pick names for domains, store and other business names and slogan names. It does take some time for the promising new business owners to pick their pick of names so, a bit of a waiting game. But it is totally worth it for choosing a name you came up with in less than a minute. You can make anywhere from $30.00 to $90.00 depending on who you pick for.  Also, you can credits of money for names that the owners “liked” that you suggested until they pick a name. It’s small change for this but with many “likes” you can rack up some money that way too until you hit with a chosen name. They pay you through Paypal. So, if interested please take a look at that site!


Article By Chrissy Smith – See original posting at above Link address.


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