Morning “INK” Edition – Social Media is a way of Life for the Author


Social media is a way of life for most of us these days. If you’re an author it is more of an importance to you. If you want to self-promote  your book than social media is the best way to do that.  I don’t believe that there are many better ways than to use what is at most of our fingertips nowadays with the internet! I say it’s best to use what you have and that is what most of us have.

At first the overwhelming abundance of “social media” sites can be a scary type of situation. You may ask yourself “Which ones do I use?” , “Which ones are best?” or even “Do I need to use them all?”. The answers to those questions really lie within you and what you feel comfortable with. I do suggest using the most common ones such as Facebook. It’s a good idea to have your regular facebook page and an author’s page. Facebook seems like a place that is more laid back with their site than others. It is a great idea to set up a page using your “pen name” as an author on Twitter. You can always have a second page using your regular name if wanted. Now Linkedin is a must-have for an author to have. On Linkedin you can display what you are all about and your books plus, it is the best place if you’re looking for a job position in my opinion. It’s a more serious site but a very informative one, as well. So, it’s really what you are looking for and are all about with these sites. But the three listed above are definitely “must-haves” for the writer, author, editor or publisher of books. Then of course, you have all your blog sites and all the other types of social medias. I won’t list them all as there are quite a few and most of you already know what they are. You can just pick and choose from them-find out the most useful ones.

A lot of authors and such out there cannot pay for promotional services so, in today’s world we have this option of “doing it ourselves”. Some of us may be good at it and others of us (like myself) have to work hard at it to gain results. But with this being said it is a very good idea to at least try to attempt it. Like they say “Try, try and try again” so, don’t give up on the promoting through the social medias no matter how much work or how overwhelming it may all seem to you. Because in the end it all will seem worth it when you do see the results you’re searching for!!

Picture and Article By Chrissy Smith


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