Morning “INK” Edition – Writer’s Block is Not A Reason to Worry


Writer’s block is not a reason to worry. I know this is a common problem amongst writers and authors but it really isn’t something to get frazzled over. I use to freak a bit about it until I realized there really wasn’t much I could do about it. I believe it’s just something that happens to the best of us but there are ways of dealing with it.

First and foremost do not stress over this thing called “writer’s block” it will pass. If you sit and dwell on it well-it really does nothing to help the situation. What I believe is the best distraction is to move on to working on something else. If you have total writer’s block on writing anything then move to situations that relax or revive you. What I mean is just leave the writing of anything for a while. Honestly, when it’s time to write again you will know it and the storyline or whatever you are writing will just flow.

How long does “writer’s block” last you say? Well, that’s a loaded question that I really can’t answer. The reason being is that it’s different for everyone and every time you have it. It’s never quite the same. I had writer’s block with my first novel I wrote which we plug here:) NO REAL ESCAPE To My Nirvana gave me hell (excuse my french) in the beginning. I was about five or six chapters into writing it and then went totally blank. I had no idea at this point where the book was going or what to do with it. But before that moment all was flowing nicely and I was writing, writing and writing more. I was stumped, aggravated and just really pissed at myself. I soon realized this is getting me nowhere. I actually went on to write other books which were self-help books, etc. They weren’t of the creative nature like this novel was where I had to “think” more and create.  I had the information instilled within my memory bank for the self-help types of books. So, at least I didn’t waste the time as it was many months before I figured out where that drama-crime filled novel was going. BUT and the big “but” was when I went back to write the novel I wrote that book and then two others to follow. I ended up with a trilogy. When I went back to it I never stopped writing while never having writer’s block with that book again. I was amazed when going back to it that I just knew where it was going and never stopped. I was the happiest person on earth the day I ended the book with my trilogy. Wow, what an accomplishment I thought!

With all that being said writer’s block does suck big time but sometimes it helps us get farther than we ever imagined with our writing endeavors. I do believe with some the writer’s block may last only hours although, other times it can be months or more. When I have it I am thinking on and off about the book which usually does lead me back to it with a renewed sense of where to take it. SO, please don’t ever give up because of this scenario because it may be leading to a bigger adventure in writing for you!!

 Photo and Article By Chrissy Smith


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