Morning “INK” Edition – 5 Simple Reasons Why Your Book May Not Be Selling


There are many reasons why a book may not be selling for you. Here are 5 simple reasons which may be keeping you from selling your book. There are easy fixes to all of them so, no need to worry. I feel you can just do some adjustments and then your book should flourish on the selling market.

1.  First and foremost it could be your cover. Your cover of your book has to catch a person’s eye. It has to make a splash along with being unique. You need to make sure to use an original picture for your cover. You can either use one of your own and create the cover yourself. The other option is to hire a professional to create your uniquely designed cover. It should not  have the same or even a similar design of other books out there. It should be as creative, unique and different as you are. Take the time to really find a way to design your cover and make it different from all the rest. This should set it higher in the ranks and get it noticed. You can’t just put anything on your cover and say “Okay that’s good enough!” It has to make a statement and it is the first thing that people notice about your book. It’s even noticed usually before the title is read.

2. The next step to more sales is the title of your book. The title of your book is probably just as important as the cover-look but most likely is read after noticing the layout of the picture on your book. Your title should be uniquely chosen. This needs to be all your own. The title needs to be really thought out. It’s need to be descriptive, creative and unique to your book. It’s a very important aspect to your book and will follow it throughout its marketing. Make it sparkle. I would suggest creating about 5 titles you really love. Then thinking them over and choosing the right one. It should capture the essence of your book and all that it is about. But more importantly remember to think outside-the-box and make it different from anything else out there!

3.  Your editing should be the best it can be. Many people will look at a sample of your book or a description of it. If this sample or description has poor grammar and has not been editing fully than they probably most definitely won’t want to read it…let alone buy it. It most likely brings your sales down drastically. Who wants to read a book while discovering its major mistakes within it? No one! If you are a great editor then do it yourself. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. But if you really don’t have what it takes to do editing professionally then please don’t even attempt it. You must then search out a very dedicated editor who can do the job of editing your book and do it far exceeding your expectations.

4.  Getting your book out there. Your marketing and promotions of your book does matter. If no one sees your book then how can they buy it? You must dedicate yourself to promoting your book. In the world we live in there are many options out there for promotions of books. You can either choose to hit the “social media” trail and promote your book by yourself or you can choose to hire someone to help you out with your promotional needs. Either way you must promote, promote and do more promotions. Because without getting your book out there well, it goes nowhere and fast. So, take the time to look into people to do this for you or take on the challenge yourself but either way do your promoting of your book

5.  Your best efforts should focus on creating a stir with your book title being in the middle of it. Get yourself noticed along side your book. Make every effort to also get your name out there within the world of books. This too can be done on social media. You can choose to do author-pages on Amazon, Facebook and many other sites. You can choose to do a blog to get your book along with your name out there. But it’s just as important to get your author name out there too. This drives traffic to your book and is also a great route to take to increase your sales!

Article & Photo By Chrissy Smith



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