Morning “INK” Edition – Is Breaking the Bank the Way to go with Publishing Your Book?


Is it worth breaking the bank to pay for your book to be published or are there ways around this? We all must ask ourselves this question. It’s nice to be able to afford book publishing costs. The costs of publishing comes with also keeping in mind that we need editing done, as well. Although, most of us cannot afford these costs. Well, I know I couldn’t at least. I wish I could but the publishing companies that accepted my book-there were a few and good ones to boot…BUT I could not afford their outrageous costs. This is even when they came down lower it was well beyond my means, at this point and time. I am not paying as much as I could pay for a newer used car to publish a book. That’s just not in the cards for me. I do feel if a book is a great one or has potential than the publisher would be making money so, why should I have to pay so much to have it published? I just don’t get that this is the way they want to make their money by taking it out of our hides. This makes little to no sense to me however, this is now the world we live in.

I do feel that there are so many resources out there in today’s society. With that being said, if you want to publish your own book and its a good one…then, perhaps it will get the exposure it needs to thrive. It just seems to me that it is sad that so many people’s great books, do go by the waste side because they lacked the funds to do a traditional form of publishing. This is done through a publisher who accepts your book. Most require high fees to do this for you. I don’t believe in these fees no matter what and will not pay them. It’s not even a guarantee that your book will sell and you will make that money back. Its nothing set in stone and nothing is concrete with this method. I do however believe you can self-publish and hopefully market while promoting your book enough to your satisfaction. This will possibly give you enough exposure to get your book out there in the public eye. You will have a lot of work ahead of you but in the end the rewards will be there. You must not give in or give up and keep plugging away at the promotions of your book through social media, etc to gain that exposure though. It’s a rough world and one not to be taken lightly but it’s definitely worth your effort. It’s a game of time and persistence but with that you should succeed. Good Luck to You!!

Article & First Photo By Chrissy Smith. Second Image Found On Google!


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