Morning “INK” Edition – When it Comes to Writing Books…You Can’t Please Everyone All the Time!


Did you ever wonder what makes a great book so “Great!”? It’s funny to hear about classics and the ultimates in great books. I find this amusing because it’s all really a matter of opinion. You can call a book great but it’s not going to be great to everyone. Books are a matter of taste. They exist because we bring them to light to exist as writers. Although, we are all not going to like all the so-called classics and great books out there. We are all not the same and even if a book may be written well…its not always going to be to our liking. Sure they can consider books “classics” and most of us can’t deny the reasons for which they are classics. However, they are not all going to be our cup of tea. It’s like I always say you cannot please everyone all the time or ever. That is just not possible to do. I wish it was but it is not and your really not thinking realistically if you think you can please them all. When writing a book well, sure some will like it but not all will like. Of course, some may even love it but you are never going to satisfy the needs, wants or desires of everyone within your book writing. And that’s no matter how creative or talented you are. This is just a fact of life in the world of the writer-successful or not. You write hopefully for the pure love of it and if something becomes a big splash well then, it was meant to be but you keep your expectations within reasons. When the rewards come in then you will be even more delighted with them. I keep my expectations realistic and then bask in the glory if or when it happens. I know I should keep my expectations higher in some people’s eyes while reaching for the stars but I’m more of a realist I guess and this is just how I am. It gives me less of a heartache if things don’t go my way. I stay positive but in a more down to earth type of way, which works for me.



So, when writing a book keep your expectations in check, be realistic and think outside-the-box with the content of your book. Don’t worry so much about the outcome and if you’re in it for the money…well, better going searching for a new way to make it. This is not an easy arena to be in and it’s not for the meek. Keep your head up and your heart in it but please by all means do it for the love of it, if not for any other reasons. It can’t be real if for any other reasons. Many out there are just out for the bucks but in this world of the writer……..most are barking up the wrong tree, as this is not that type of field. It can be lucrative with the right help I’m not saying it can not. But most readers will see through your books if you are not producing them out of a love for them. If you are just producing book after book in a quick manner with no creative nature to them just to get books out there…i’m thinking they will not go far. But that’s just my opinion so, take it with a grain of salt:) I think the truer type of writer is that of a more natural talent in which there is a great love for writing and it’s not all about the money or making it. Writers are a rare breed and only the great creative talents with this characteristic of love of writing books will survive in the end!! Enjoy your day WordPress Crew:)

Article & Top Photo By Chrissy Smith. Other Image Found on Google!



  1. Now we have the internet everyone can write and many feel they have something to say. I only feel inclined to answer sometimes as I browse and I try to make my answers brief.
    We do not know what of todays vast output will be cherished in a hundred years but it won’t be much.
    Good journalists have been at work since the printing presses started many now forgotten. It may well be that some which created the biggest stir and made the most gold will be least remembered.


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