Morning “INK” Edition – Books Can be a Hit OR a Miss…BUT for Those Who Create Them They are an Grandiose Accomplishment!


It cannot be denied that many people have some great ideas for wonderful books. Although, some are only out to make a buck. This is an unfortunate thing but just par for the course for some. I don’t believe a book should be written solely for the purpose of making money. I think it should be written because you have a story to tell, help to give or an idea to express and not for any other reasons. I believe we all have a story to tell or something of interest to share but we should not all be writing books! That’s just the facts here from my perspective.

I don’t think a book should just be slapped together and called a book. I believe it should be a creation of a person’s own mind-a true gift to share with others. It should contain thoughts from your perspective with a creative nature of your own. It should not be for purely self-satisfying needs of making money. Sure we may need money and want money-whatever but that is no reason to justifying writing a crap-filled book with no thought about what you are putting out there to the public. The reader of books is not a stupid mind. They won’t buy what you’re selling just because your selling it. If it’s from the heart and driven by your own imagination well, then it will mean so much more to that reader. No one wants to buy a book that is garbage and from a non-caring perspective. We are real-readers, writers etc… we are not stupid and we can see through the display of crap in books out there. Unfortunately, with the internet today any Joe or Jane can write a book and sell it. We have no filters for some of the nonsense that is out there. This is an unfortunate thing but I think we all have the smarts to decipher it all. It’s just a sad thing that nowadays people can get away with it and we have to deal with it. We shouldn’t have to is all I’m saying.

When writing a book please remember it’s for the love of writing, creating and taking the time to nurture the essence of that book. Take your time to make it right and take the reader on a trip through your mind! Don’t write a book if you don’t love to write. Sure we have writer’s blocks and other things along the way that might seem discouraging to us but in the end we love the art of it. So, please love what you do with your creating of a book and if you don’t love than please don’t burden the rest of us with what you are trying to sell to us. We don’t want it-we want what’s real, what’s natural and what is a true creation from a true writer. Of course, one who loves writing and thrives on it!

A book is our grandiose accomplishment and we should all be proud to even have written one book. No doubt most of us have written more but even just one is a great accomplishment in one’s life. That should not be taken lightly. But if you wrote it for the wrong reasons…it was not that hard to do and probably means little to you. If you love to write and put your whole self into than you understand where I am coming from. Finishing up your first book…on that last page is not like many feelings that you feel in life. It’s hard to explain but it is an awesome feeling. I hope all who deserve to feel that feeling do so and then you will truly know what it means to be called a “WRITER”:) As always, enjoy your day WordPress Crew!!

So, what is all of your take on this topic? Do you believe too that there are lots of books out there, that should not be on the market now? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this type of thing in the future? I don’t believe so but what do you think?

Article & Top Photo By Chrissy Smith. Other Image Found on Google!


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