Morning “INK” Edition – The Books of Yesterday VS. The Books of Today


Can the books of today compete with the old classics of books of yesterday aka the past? It’s hard for me to think that the today’s books can in any way, shape or form compete with all the awesome books of the yesterday. I haven’t seen any that spark enough within me to compete with the classics. I guess I’m prejudice against the books of today or something! I don’t like to think I’m prejudice against anything but thinking this kind of it may be okay:)

I know that the classics are the classics for a reason. I know that they have gotten so much exposure over the years, that it may be hard to compete with them. Although, you have to admit they are what they are for a reason. The problem I do see is that they are a matter of taste, as well. What one may like or interests them…on the other hand may be of no interest to another. There will be debates throughout time about books and which ones are the best. But it is truly all our own opinion on the matter and no one person can say “This is the one!”. Because to others it is not the one. So, even if it is a classic it may not and will not appeal to all.

I do have my favorites like we all do. I will not list them here though. I want you to keep your own opinions as we all have them. I do know what they consider one of the best-written books ever. I will hopefully be getting through this book shortly. I keep this in mind while reading it but I cannot for the life fathom that there is only one truly best-written books out there. It’s very hard for me to believe with such great talent in the past and present.

What comes to mind with the books of yesterday is the fact that they did not have the technology of today. They worked differently than US Authors of today:) They had no computers, spell-check or reference books within the computer and such. They were there with pen to paper and it probably took a very long time to write a book-much more so than today, of course. So, these books are truer in nature of how it was supposed to be without the technology. This makes it much more brilliant to me, if you can understand what I’m saying. I never really took a look at this or thought much about it until now. But if you think of the work involved for authors today, you can just imagine without the technology what these people went through. I broke three bones in my wrist when thrown from my horse at age 12. I would not have been able to write books without today’s technology. I get shooting pain still to this day when I write more than a half page of information. So, I would not have been able to put pen to paper to write a book. I needed todays technology of fingers to keys. So, the great world of books would have not known this “Chrissy Smith”!!:)




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