Late “INK” Edition – Capture Me in a Paragraph or Less!

Late %22INK%22 Edition-

I’m use to get “silent” flack here I’m sure. I may not hear you disagreeing, complaining or being disgusted by something that I may have written and wondering why I even tackled that topic. I do not hear you but I feel some of you and you know what that is okay. I am not here to please all and I wish I could but none of us can. SO, I am here to do what makes me happy and that’s writing. Like I have said before I go with the flow and yes, stray away a lot from my so-called “Niche”. I’m way too diverse to keep to one subject and although, it may interest all of you…I cannot and will not ever just write about books.

I know, I know I hear it coming through the silent sound waves here “You are writer, how could you not enjoy writing about your niche?” Well, I’m sorry I could never be like those who constantly critique books, write about all stuff “books” or only discuss topics related to them. That is fine for me but I get restless and want to do more. I know I should not say this but point-blank writing critiques and only about books bores me. Books don’t bore me and writing books doesn’t bore me but constantly talking about them does. Yup, I’m guessing you find that “abbynormal” we call it here. My husband says he is abbynormal at times. I am well aware it’s not a word-again another made-up word from this “Chrissy Smith” that should know better. But this Chrissy Smith really has to not care so much what others think. I understand that is being selfish. But if you knew me you’d know I cared so much, worried all the time and it will eat you alive. If you knew me you’d say “Wow, it took her a long time to overcome things and not worry so much about what others think of her. Good for her!”. So, I’m not lacking that gene or anything about caring about others but I cannot live my life worrying over how others feel about me. That was for my youth and now I have grown a lot while overcoming lots of stressful obstacles to get here. I am proud of who I am now and what I have become. I believe that’s how everyone should feel. You should love yourself and who you are first THAN worry about others…lol:) Sounds selfish but it’s not being selfish at all. If you don’t love yourself then how on earth can you express or feel love for anybody else? It’s in the holy bible I’m thinking-Yup, I have my version of that too:)

Honestly, I do know how I go on tangents, off topics which should be revealed in my titles-I know you are probably all saying “Get to the point!!” Well, the point of my topic here is that I have decided something and like I said I can feel the flack on this one. But I would love to read all the books I can before that unfortunate day when I….well, let’s not go there but that day hopefully I will visit an awesome place and not somewhere where the heat is unbearable:) So, in order to get through books faster and junk or set aside for others the books that I am not interested in…… I’ve decided a new method to my madness, of course. I will and cannot get through all the books but I can get through a lot more by not reading the ones that in the end I will not have enjoyed much.

I know my method or theory will probably work for me (not for all though) but I will never know truly for sure about it. But I have decided that if by paragraph three or four the most I’m not captured into this book or enjoy the way the writer writes than I will set it aside for others to enjoy. I figure if you have not got me by those first few paragraphs and your writing is not my cup of tea (how you write-as we all have our own style, etc.) then I will move on. If I am enjoying I go a page or two, even a chapter or more. BUT with in the first few paragraphs usually even by the second one-I do know pretty much if I will enjoy this book or not. You must capture my attention quickly or I get bored. It’s just the way I’m programmed and usually I have given books many chapters to so-called captured my attention but now there is so much I’d like to give a chance to and read that I have developed this way of dealing with it. I’m really not like others and have no patience when it comes to books. Yes, in my younger days I gave them more of a chance but now with everyday life I just don’t have that much time to do so. If I’m going to read a book I don’t want to finish it and be let down by it. I’m probably not being fair but when writing a book the first chapter is your most important one and its meant to catch that reader’s attention. I’m sure if you don’t capture within the first few at the most, than they probably won’t be reading on. I know I would not do so. But hey, that’s just me and as always, take it with a grain of salt coming from this peanut gallery!

Article & Top Photo By Chrissy Smith. 


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