Blogs – The Cyber Melting Pot


As I broaden my horizons within the blogs on the internet, I realize how diverse blogs are. I often try to compare them to mine and thus, realizing no blog that I’ve found is the same as any other one. They are differing in many, many ways. The styles of writing, the pictures and the look, feel or overall themes of the blog. We are “The Cyber Melting Pot” of blogs. And that’s a truly great place to be. 

It’s hard not to question your own blog while searching through all the other ones. You start to question what you’re doing within our own blog. This should definitely not be the case, as we are all unique in our own ways. However, it’s hard not to do. It’s best to realize you are unique in what you do and leave it at that. 

I recently was looking at another author’s blog and thought “Wow, this is good”. Her writing style was crisp, to the point and fascinating to read. But I found her pictures just as good and wondered how she did them. I am not that computer savvy with pictures. She put one picture of herself within the pictures and truly made the posting her own. 

We are one in many millions in our melting pot of blogs. What we do throughout our postings within our blog is uniquely ours. I tend to like to speak to the reader in “laymen’s terms” while others use the fancy elaborate words to capture their audience. Thus,It’s truly each to his own on here and that’s just fine. I find the differences in writing, styles and themes makes the reading more captivating to all of us.

What makes a blog unique? Is it the “theme”, the “writing” or the “pictures” per say? I think all blogs are unique and it’s because of all ideas being brought to the forefront. It’s capturing all of it all at once. I’ve found not one blog to be the same as another, even if the same niche is approached. They are all truly one-of-a-kind and that’s a good thing.

Blogs are done for numerous reasons. I like to think that a lot of people do them for the pure enjoyment aspect of  it all. However, some people do them to promote things or to get their name out there. But if there is no joy in doing them…then why partake in doing them?

So, we are just one in many, many millions of bloggers doing our own thing within our blog. We must understand that what we do is uniquely ours which makes us different from any other blog or blogger.  And that’s what makes it truly special to do what we do!


Article & Top Photo By Chrissy Smith. Other Photos Found on Google.


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